Zoe Zuniga Creations

This is where all the projects are laid out in one place to give me a vantage point. There are art and writing projects, sketchbooks and links to interrelated business sites I am working on. It’s all one giant creative project.

Art Projects

Merpig & Frends

Merpig accepts you no matter what your age, gender, orientation or struggles. She and her friends just want you to be happy. Figurines, jewelry and prints.

An illustrated science fiction, YA, eco-novel where 6 life-long companions, with their human-sidekicks, turn a rotten society into a sanctuary over a 100-year span.

Zoe age 3

My Life of Noisy Desperation

An illustrated autobiography on the strangeness of life.

Chapters coming soon

A collection of illustrations, design, photos and past art projects.


Blogs and business

A blog for freelancers, artrepreneurs and other creatives who want to do more with their lives. Posts about time and money, side gigs, reviews of courses on marketing, creativity,  building your online presence. Alternative minimalist living: co-housing,  skoolie bus conversions and tiny homes.

Whole-Foods Plant-Based Nutrition and sustaniable, ethical products: A journey back to health. Join me as I learn to eat better, lose weight, and get free from depression and chronic fatigue. The goal is to eat for creativity.

Freelance services: illustration, animation, explainer videos, blog posts, ebooks, and web copy for green and vegan companies

Short stories, essays that don’t fit elsewhere

The Latest From the Creativity blog