I worked as a freelance illustrator in Boston back before computers came along. 

Making art a central part of life has always been a family tradition. We had a creativity ethic. Learning to marry technology with art has been my latest goal.

From traditional mediums like watercolor, pen and ink, clay, and acrylic paints I have learned that Photoshop, Illustrator and 3D modeling programs are great tools to get the job done. 

These new tools making it easier than before to revise quickly and work faster. Creating iterations easily makes it more enjoyable than ever to rework ideas.

Although I miss the feel of paint on paper sometimes, I like the versatility of working digitally. Often I will use both traditional and digital mediums, sketching and then scanning images to finish them digitally.

I love having the freedom to create printed work easily in both 2D and 3D to give more people a chance to be involved with the art. 

The print-on-demand industries for art and writing have made it  easier to self-publish without having to go through the gatekeepers of old. Being able to go directly to your audience is a powerful gift.

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