crystal ball for trump kylego

4 Years After Coronavirus: My Trump Kylego

Kylego is an exercise created by Kyle Cease and his friend Diego one day when Kyle was nervous about an audition he was going to. How you kylego is: you picture an amazing outcome as if you already did the thing. You can Kylego your day or a month or a year or your whole life.

You just imagine the outcome you would like to see as if you are already in the new successful outcome. Usually you stick to your own personal life. But I thought it would be fun to do a new outcome for President Trump.

So here goes: it is now 4 years into the future 2024 and I am remembering back to when the Coronavirus first hit.

I remember how President Trump got the corona virus and was very ill. He almost died but he did recover, and he was a changed man.

I remember how much good luck the plant-based doctors were having, and the integrative medicine doctors with healing the sick and helping them recover. Trump heard about the cases of miraculous immune system support and had a group of these doctors come to help him recover.

Trump lost a lot of weight and looked sickly at first. But he became this beautiful thin vegan man with nice normal short hair instead of that weird thing on top of his head. His skin became this lovely olive golden color from eating so much kale steamed and raw fruits and veggies he learned about meditation and yoga and other types of exercise to help him recover. 

He began to mellow out and learned all about regenerative agriculture done on a vegan model where former farmed animals and wild cattle and deer were allowed to graze on fallow lands and humanure from composting toilets was also integrated into a new system of agriculture. He learned about Permaculture principles of greening deserts and using only renewable clean resources to build.

He got so excited about all of this that instead of building more Trump towers he gave all his personal money to build a sanctuary city chain with solar electric bullet trains and local food and water cisterns and renewable clean infrastructure. Trump began to pass legislation help dismantle and retool all the old industries with new non-harming ways of building.

Meanwhile Vice President Pence had been running things and elections were postponed for a few months. But Trump came back and ran as a democrat and won! And all his former cronies were really angry because he started fixing all the damage he had done the first four years in office. He became an advocate for universal health care, universal basic income and the best friend the environment could ever have.

His new sanctuary project was housing and feeding refugees from all over the world. He helped us all create a new currency based on universal abundance for all people. So everyone had a base income that covered food, housing, education and medical. Trump also helped end injustice for farmworkers making them the highest paid workers in the USA because they do the most vital work of all by providing food.

The first necklace of green cities he helped build ran from Los Angeles to Atlanta. And it incorporated towns along the way but built new places for Latin Americans who needed to get away from crumbling violent countries. So instead of a wall he built a sanctuary where people could come and grow and heal and learn and he integrated these people with people from the US who had been marginalized or incarcerated. He helped change the prison system to be a place to heal and grow and learn and then former prisoners were placed in the new sanctuary cities with jobs and hope.

He set up a compensation plan for all people of African slave descent and Native Americans to make up for the generations of neglect and had Obama help design it so it would be most effective.

Trump asked Michelle Obama to help set up a similar recompensating plan for women and especially, to end the sex slave trade and to bring women up to the level of influence education and power that men have enjoyed.

The second Trump-regenerative city corridor was built up north from Washington state all the way to Chicago and Boston folding in towns that were nearby. With the same sanctuary idea and connected by green bullet trains so no cars were needed.

The idea was to move as many people as wanted to leave, out of overcrowded areas into these new green corridors. The bullet trains allowed them to work anywhere along the corridor they wanted to, or they could work remotely and stay home with their families. As the old areas emptied out we needed fewer freeways, so more land was given back to natural habitat. 

Most of our food is now grown locally so we get to eat fresh food we harvest from our own city gardens. Grains and beans and bulk crops are grown a little farther out. and then nature takes over. No matter where you live you are only 5 or ten miles from pristine nature now. 

A few people still live in the old cities, but more and more people are moving to the new regenerative fully sustainable places. And the old federal reserve system and the stock exchange, etc, are almost gone. New abundance-based money systems have taken over.

Trump actually lives next door to me and has a pet cow and a pig and a horse. And he brushes them and pets them when he is home. He loves animals and would never eat one or do anything to hurt anyone.

He helped change the economy so that all the meat and fast food industries switched over to vat meat which was so much healthier and leaner with omega 3s and much less cholesterol and took up so much less land and infrastructure. And now he is helping them see that they don’t need any meat but can create healthier foods that are still tasty treats.

And ever since the Virus people are into eating really healthy so those restaurant chains have had to adapt to creating lots of healthy smoothies and whole food meals high in raw and organic foods. They all have local regenerative farms surrounding them with former farmed animal refuges and wildlife preserves.

Trump also helped rejuvenate rainforests in Latin America and in Asian countries with an infusion of his money and all the great ideas from the sanctuary city corridors he helped build. 

The USA has become a model for what can be done in a very short time. Our natural environment is becoming clean and wildlife is coming back. Our bee population is doubling every year. 

lungs of the earth

As we dismantle the old industries and replace them with non-harming new ways of doing things nature is reclaiming many of the areas we thought were spoiled for good. As we plant trees and change everything over to renewable solar and wind and other amazing technology that was suppressed or kept hidden by the government even the ocean is coming back. 

Along the coastlines of the US, fish that we thought were extinct are being sighted. All of our energy is now going to rejuvenate our environment and make life as good as it can be for everyone who wants to be here. We are thinking of renaming the country “Sanctuary”.  

Gradually we are able to help and influence other countries to follow a new ecological path. Of course Scandinavia out did us and fixed their whole area up in a year or two. But even China is coming along and starting to open, and North Korea is beginning to watch and change. 

When their leader saw how healthy and slender Trump had become he wanted to learn about the new diet and exercise Trump had adopted too. So it looks like they may have some big positive changes in store for them in North Korea.

When I am home from my projects and Trump is around, we wave over the fence when he is out for his morning yoga or runs. He is winning over many wealthy people to his way of thinking now that they see how invigorated he is and how happy and so full of actual love. 

At first many people in his circle were so angry with him for selling out and going democratic. But his brush with the Coronavirus has changed him. Once he realized how good it feels to be truly healthy he couldn’t go back to the way he had been.

He is so full of love and has such a big heart. He is so sorry for all the pain he used to cause and is doing everything to make up for it. It is so beautiful to see him now with his short neat haircut and his beautiful clear blue eyes and his lovely smile. 

He looks like a lighter version of Obama now with a similar body and a similar sense of integrity and grace. But he is still Trump. I mean, who else could pull off changing parties mid-presidency and get away with it? He still does whatever the hell he wants but all he wants to do is positive things now.