Amazon World Government

Amazon World Government

I remember back when Whole Foods stores and other shops had beautiful displays and people would come to the stores to pick out their own food and products. These stores were like giant museums with stuff you could take home, you just picked it off the shelves yourself and brought it all home.

Of course you had to pay for things back then before the Amazon World Government.

Once they got everyone on Shelter-at-Home-Infinity orders, the stores were all turned into warehouses. There are mostly robots now gathering the orders for delivery to the homes. Everything that used to have beautiful labels is now stripped down to the basics. Everything is in plain wrapping. You can still order online and look at the labels and designs that companies still put on their product websites. But in reality when you get the actual items delivered to your door they are all in plain wrappers with codes and a few words of description. It has cut down on waste dramatically and saved billions of dollars in resources.

There are still boutique items that have to be picked by hand and are delivered from small boutique bakeries and wineries etc. but the rest is manufactured at your local Amazon supply warehouse in the neatest little chunks, cubes and boxes.

Even most of the fruits and veggies are grown indoors in the giant vertical warehouses though Amazon has a few natural greenhouses and outdoor fields as well as the indoor vertical gardens. The meat fish and dairy is all vat meat grown in the Amazon breweries. The egg and cheese materials are now grown and supplied in easy-squeeze dispenser bottles. Cooking is so much easier and neater. no more mess or fuss.

Everything is done online but with infinitely more efficiency than it was back in the old days when they were just starting to get everything under Infinity-Shelter-at-Home-Orders.

Amazon now supplies work, food, exercise, and entertainment exclusively. There used to be a lot of separate companies that supplied services, but amazon bought Netflix, and Hulu and all the other private businesses and standardized things so they flow smoothly.

Facebook and Google and a few other tech companies held on for a whlie and stayed seperate. But eventually all the communication and social media companies were folded into Amazon as divisions of the larger Giant. Communication was vital for Amazon to take over the running of the planet. But they supplied all the raw materials and were able to negotiate fair deals that made everyone happy.

Since Amazon had control of all the fiber optics, solar power, and raw materials needed to build the networks they began subcontracting with all the tech companies to build their own networks so it was only natural to make all the other companies vendors of Amazon.

You can apply to become a vender if you have tech or entertainment or work to supply to the world. Everything is supplied through Amazon now.

There are still a few in-person warehouse jobs monitoring the robots for food growing and physical maintainance of the robots. though mostly the robots repair themselves and keep the infrastructure up and running. Very few humans actually have to leave the house or enclave anymore. No one needs a private car because commuting is a thing of the past.

Robot cars pick up workers and bring them to the Amazon warehouses for food distribution and growth.

Amazon Power supplies most of the energy through the solar grid. They build all the houses and apartments.

They have housing units so you can stay on site when you work in the warehouses for a 3-month stint. Then you go back to your enclave.

Young people mostly go to meet others and do a little work and build up credits. But all the schooling is online now for all age groups as well as most of the work except for repairing robots and transport vehicles, moving, and growing food or repairing the power grid. You get in-person training for those jobs. Every teenager wants to go work in-person at least once in thier lives just to meet new people.

Everyone is tattooed and tracked now so they catch the various viruses and complete your decontamination before you go for the in-person jobs.

Everyone is monitored by the World Wide System every moment of every day and decontaminated as needed.

Booster shots arrive with your weekly supplies to keep the tattoos updated with any new information. Some people have tried to resist the updates in the early days, but a big scary robot arrives at your home and adminsters it if you dont do it yourself. You only need one of those visits to persuade you to do it yourself on a weekly basis.

Dating is now monitored by the amazon match making system. You meet online for a while and use the remote surrogate suits, and then people travel between the different enclaves to visit or meet up at an amazon in-person job and work together to see if they are compatible.

Some people never date in person but stick with the simulations.

Sports, dance events etc. are all done virtually. You feel like you are really in the stadium or venue, but you never are. Some of the players are real but a lot of the games and performances are simulated now.

Some people stay alone for years at a time safely in their cocoon of Amazon-Built-Living-Unit with everything they need for work and socializing.

Some people like the great outdoors and travel virtually by drone. Inifinity-Social-Distancing has really cleaned up the atmosphere and climate change is no longer a problem.

The very well-off and higher ups do go on real safaris out into the wild, but most people just settle for the virtual vacations because they feel so real and you don’t run the risk of getting a mosquito bite or hurting yourself. Life is so much safer now with the tattoos and monitoring of everyone’s movements.

The prisons are gone. Amazon just keeps people under house arrest if they go astray. But people don’t have much of a chance to do illegal activities because of the tattoo, satellites and drones everywhere watching everything to keep us all safe.

It is a less exiting world than we had back in the old days. But everyone is fed and housed now and all entertainment and work are fully monitored. There is very little waste and a vast improvement in safety levels for all thanks to Amazon World Government.

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