Amazon World Government

Amazon World Government

I remember back when Whole Foods stores and other shops had beautiful displays and people would come to the stores to pick out their own food and products. These stores were like giant museums with stuff you could take home, you just picked it off the shelves yourself and brought it all home. Of course, …

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Copyright 2019 Zoe Zuniga Fiction, short story I. Confusion “Welcome home George!” I can barely perceive that a voice is talking to me, and I just about make out its meaning. I remember that I am George at least. I blank out and wake up screaming. “George, George.” I hear a voice again in the …

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Stieff Peaceful-Tail

Plangent Noise Excerpt

Sci-Fi Fantasy YA Novel, copyright 2020 Zoe Zuniga The present New York City: Central Park The audio feed from Paisley Sage: “We are getting ready to hear Steiff Peaceful-Tail read from his memoirs. Steiff is a much-loved Shaman leader from Spirit Wolf Native American Reservation. The place is packed. With his blond to fluffy white …

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The Do-Over: Short Story

Notes: I always have loved do over stories. I have read Replay by Ken Grimwood several times. I also loved the movies Groundhog Day and Back to the Future. Some spiritual systems have the idea that incarnation not only exists, but that all of our milions of incarnations are all being played out simultaniously on …

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