Kylego Exercise: A Whole New World

What is Kylego?

Kyle Cease and his friend Diego invented the Kylego exercise one day on the way to an interview or audition for an important position. Kyle was so nervous he kept thinking “what if I throw up right in the middle of the interview right on the desk?” so he decided to stop focusing on what he didn’t want to happen. He pretended the interview went really well and he was now telling his friend all about how amazing it went. You can Kylego your day or your month or the next year or your whole life. whatever amount of time you want to choose.

Your subconscious thinks “oh, cool, this has already happened, and it is believable.” if you do regular affirmations like I am not wealthy, the subconscious knows it’s not true. by putting it in the past and really using your imagination you trick your subconscious into feeling like of course this is believable. It already happened! this extra little time travel trick really helps you feel confident that things have changed already.

Posted April 29 2020, in the middle of the covid-19 lockdown

It is now May of 2024 Just 4 years after the Covid-19 episode that kicked off this amazing new world. I started Kylegoing and meditating for four hours per night every night from about 6 pm to 10 pm. Then I would go to sleep and the Kylegoing would continue all night naturally. It was really difficult at first to keep going. The first hour was rough and I wanted to stop but then it became effortless to keep going the second hour. Pretty soon it was this joyous state that lasted all the time.

My sleep became so restful after the first few nights. I was effortlessly rising to meditate in the morning around 5 am being totally energized. and things became so magical. The connections I needed to make were happening without me doing anything. Everything was just flowing. Projects got done more rapidly than ever and with so much ease. I was learning new things and retaining information really well.

I knew I wanted to live in the country and have a huge food forest garden and lots of cool people living on the same piece of land, but I had no idea how to get there or where the money was coming from. But I just kept the faith. I pretended like everything I wanted was possible.

And all the limitations just dropped away when I stopped focusing on them. The outer reality did begin to change just like Kyle described. The whole covid-19 thing just seemed to melt away as the human immune system became stronger throughout the herd. People were not scared anymore around me. Suddenly all the tests for covid-19 were coming up void and people were not dying of respiratory failure anymore.

People just kind of woke up and stopped watching the media all around me. I continued my Kylegoing each night and it got better and better. So much more fun than watching Netflix or eating junk foods. I just didn’t crave those things.

Everything unfolded with my business and money began coming in effortlessly. It didn’t make sense to stay at my old job anymore or worry about if it was going to be there for me after the lock down was over.

I started looking for places to start my food forest city and bought 10 acres of land to start with. It was exciting to finally have land to grow a huge garden on. I knew exactly who to contact to help me out and I got a ton of people to come and visit and help me build a regenerative permaculture food forest, grey water system and we put in water cisterns packed earth buildings and solar all over the place. I lived in the cutest short bus while I was building my empire.

People from the cal earth and earth ship design helped me build the main building for a learning and conference center and then we built some tiny homes for people to live in while they did all kinds of projects on the land. It felt so good to be able to offer people beautiful homes to come and live in and delicious food for them to eat while they worked on projects they had been wanting to do.

I can’t believe how fast the garden is growing up around me and how all these wonderful people have gathered to help. We have a 3D print shop, a wood shop, a conference center, and a computer learning center. We have indoor vertical aeroponic greenhouses as well as a huge outdoor food forest. There is a beautiful stream with a sun dappled birch tree forest.

My short-bus travel-unit is parked next to my new house and I get to do everything I want every day and help thousands of people every month with positive ideas and a beautiful refuge. We are buying more land up and building refuges for humans and former farmed animals all over the world now. We have the nicest cows and pigs and chickens living in the animal refuge here. Everyone loves them and takes care of them. It feels good to be able to do some little kindness to make up for all the years of butchery and violence done by humans in the past.

We are building this abundant empire of food forest villages all over the planet. We are raising the funds to buy up factory farms and other industries so we can refit them as wonderful clean industries that help promote a green future for generations to come. We are making sure to buy back land that was strip mined and deforested and allowing it to regrow into beautiful wild lands.

It’s pretty wild I guess that all this is happening in just 4 years, but it just seems normal now for us to buy Tyson foods or Nestle or any of these  giant food conglomerates or pharmaceutical companies.

We don’t have to try to pass legislation through the old archaic governmental systems to make them change and stop polluting the world. We just have so much money pouring in that it is easy to just buy them up, dismantle them and share out all the resources to everyone who has a great business idea. More and more people are coming to the refuges and learning how to build a self-sustaining green off grid life.

Some people buy more land and grow their own food forests and some join existing villages. Some people go back to their old-style communities and change them from the inside.

But everyone is waking up now! Its like when the Berlin wall fell only a trillion times over. People don’t eat junk food or watch violent porn anymore. They just don’t want to. The vibration of the human race is changing so fast that the violence and sadness is just melting away.

 It is so cool to watch. People don’t even grow lawns and use leaf blowers. People stopped working at all the nonsense jobs. Just walked off as they woke up. All the meter maids stopped the senseless ticketing. The border patrols stopped patrolling. The pharmaceutical companies don’t have anyone to sell their drugs. Everyone just walked off the job one by one and joined food forests villages and other cool configurations so they could do all the things they have really wanted to do all their lives.

Things have just kind of shaken down and reshuffled themselves effortlessly as people have had more and more healthy food and places to rest and rejuvenate. No one wants to work at meat packing plants or work for Monsanto (which we just bought and dismantled) when they can come and live at the eco villages and eat delicious fresh food all day long and nap as much as they want to.

At first most people go through a period of lazy recuperation. Then they start to have ideas of how we can do something better than it is currently being done. Then they get to work, and everyone is so brilliant.

At first we were worried that nothing was going to get done. But now we know that people need to rest and be coddled for a while. Some people only take a week off, some people take a year off and everything in between. So we just provide food and give them a cottage or a mansion or whatever we have open, and let them do whatever they want.

Gradually they require materials for projects, so we order them out of our community projects resource fund. Without fail after gradually puttering around for a while, every single person comes up with something amazing that no one could have ever thought of.

They gather teams sometimes to help and it is always so much fun to see someone who has maybe never had a chance to express their creativity building their first invention or project or improving on some idea by making it more effective or doing it in a new way.

We always make sure to take a picture when they first arrive at a food forest village community. Then we wait because we know there is going to be an amazing transformation. Usually they come in with skin that is ashy and dead looking and a body that is fat and unhealthy. We do a medical scan right away and start giving them herbs, massages, acupuncture or whatever they need and sunbathing treatments right away.

What comes out after a few weeks or months is this gorgeous glowing vibrant human being that doesn’t resemble the person that first came in from the cold old regime that was based on scarcity.

Just the joy of having whatever they need without the stress of bills and worry is enough to heal people pretty rapidly. They begin to see that they are not alone. We have built an economy of abundance, so no one needs to worry. There are always other people around to take care of you if you need it, so you never feel alone or worried about having food and shelter.

At first when people arrive they are hording all the free food and cloths and materials but then they calm down once they realize there are endless resources. Most people have very few possessions that they keep in their own homes because they know they don’t have to worry and horde anything.

It is just so much fun to see the transformation when someone comes in from the old society. Right now the two worlds are running along next to each other, but the scarcity world is dying before our eyes. Just a few million people are still scrambling to do it the old way. We trade with them and give them fresh food and slowly they are getting the idea. A few people still live in that dark miserable universe of scarcity, but we know they will come around as we leave the doors open. We send out vibrations of love toward the old dying culture, and the fear is just melting away.