If I could do whatever I wanted: July 2020 Kylego Exercise

Kylego is an exercise Kyle Cease came up with while driving to an interview with his friend Diego. You imagine the future with a great outcome and visualize it as if it has already happened.

If I could do whatever I wanted I would spend all my waking hours creating my illustrations, animation, and writing books that would delight people and fuel people’s minds for change and imagination (instead of just working it in around my job). 

I would make so much money from these projects that I would buy Tyson meat, Monsanto, Amazon, etc., and a bunch of other companies that have a ton of potential but are polluting the world and creating dull jobs that people hate. I would revamp these systems into green and sane and sustainable resources for the whole planet. 

I would fund robotizing all dull jobs like food production, cleaning, boring repetitive tasks, etc. so that those who wanted to, could go back to school, or spend their time doing other things that they enjoy and reach their full potential as humans.

Imagine all the innovation that could take place if people became well-rested, educated, and healthy instead of doing boring low pay jobs that numb them and make them miserable!

I would help build robot-run indoor vertical gardens, lab/vat-meat plants, and end factory farming, and all the horrible jobs in meatpacking plants and clean up the environment. Then I would fund schooling and business startup for those who had ideas for other things they would rather do than work for Tyson etc.    

While I was at it I would donate a bunch of money to get the Venus Project in Florida up and running and give Climate Healers and other forward-thinking groups huge chunks of money to play with.

Once I had helped all the major companies to go green and humane I would fix the border problem with Mexico.

Instead of building a wall I would build a live-in learning center along the border of Mexico and the USA and train people to do meaningful jobs that matched their interests.

There would be beautiful food gardens with delicious healthy food, and healing centers all along the border to help people reach their full potential and become amazing contributors to my many other projects.

To change the desert into a paradise I would build amazing thoughtfully built canals. There would be desalination plants to turn that desolate border area into a paradise where in the past that stretch of land had been marred by death and fear and suffering by so many who died or got caught crossing.

Then once that was all set up and people from all over the world were at the border necklace of learning centers collaborating and learning programming and art, and robotics, etc. I would funnel graduates from the border schools out to build a maglev train system from the LA or San Diego area across the southern part of the US to Atlanta with sustainable cities spanning a ten-mile corridor ribbon around the train line with new off-grid high tech clean homes and local fresh food forests with indoor and outdoor sections, learning centers and cultural centers. 

Once we were done building the city corridor in the south and giving blacks, Asians, and Native Americans reparations for everything that was stolen from their ancestors, with land and homes and businesses and education, we would settle anyone else who needed sanctuary or wanted to in on this new abundance-based system. 

Then we would build a northern maglev train ribbon from Seattle to Boston and a link down to Atlanta and another link from Seattle to LA so we would have a high-tech transportation loop going around the USA. 

We would become a model for climate healing and a sanctuary for all who need homes. The ribbon of housing and learning centers along the train line would be spacious and clean and well planned and would show us how humans could live sanely with all the resources they needed by sharing all their talents.

There would be a state-of-the-art computer system to keep us abreast of resources like water, food, and raw materials so that everyone would have the basic supplies they needed to thrive.

We would only need to work three or 4 hours per day on chores to get this automated and running smoothly. Then we could work on anything we wanted to once we were rested up from living in the former insane culture that had sickened us.

People would be able to get to any place they wanted to on the loop in a couple of hours and no one would need a car if they didn’t want one. Most people would want to work from home part of the time but if they wanted to commute they could do that too.

The interior of the country would be allowed to go green and wild. Highways would be obsolete. People would take green sustainable hovercrafts out into the wild to enjoy the huge national park that the interior would gradually become.

Some people would want to stay in the old towns, but things would be much less crowded and much more beautiful because the new economy would be based on resources and abundance instead of scarcity. Gradually most people would want to move out to the loop at least part of the time because it would be so much fun and so comfortable.

The old cities would become museums to remind us of the old ways and how we don’t want to go back there. A few neighborhoods and interesting areas like Watts Towers, Wall Street, etc., would be kept intact to remind us of the old world.

We would reform the prison system to educate and nurture people very much the same way we dismantled the detention centers for the US-Mexico border.

Of course, public schools and colleges would be reformed to create people who can use their imaginations since we would no longer need people to be obedient and bland to endure the dull jobs that we got rid of.

Personally, I would be living in a gorgeous minimalist tiny home out in the woods a little beyond the maglev hyperloop just because I love small and simple things and  I love nature and I don’t like to spend much of my time or energy maintaining things or hire servants to take care of a lot of stuff I don’t need.

I would also have a really cool off-grid hover-camper that would run fully on solar power for trips to the wild. I would probably spend a lot of time in Hawaii and New Zealand because traveling is so much fun. 

But I would do that by means of the solar-powered green ships we would have created or perhaps a solar-powered plane or starship. I definitely would not be flying in the regular smelly noisy planes we have right now. Oh, and of course we would have funded a project to clean and heal the oceans.

Also with all the mental resources freed up from doing dull jobs, we would have stem cell tech and all kinds of anti-aging science and healing for cancer, etc., so we could live a few hundred years if we wanted to and really get good at life instead of keeling over at 80 or 90 years old right when everything was starting to make sense.

Things would feel spacious even if there were 10 or 15 billion humans because of intelligent design and sharing resources sanely. Though people might stop having so many kids because there would be time and space to decide what they wanted.

More women might just decide not to have kids. Being a parent might become something only very gifted nurturing people did while the rest of us nurtured the planet and other people.

Plus we would have very cool space stations if people wanted to get away and raise hundreds of kids.