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Kylego Your Future: Beyond Law of Attraction

Kylego is an exercise created by Kyle Cease and his friend Diego one day when Kyle was nervous about an audition he was going to.

How you Kylego is: you picture an amazing outcome as if you already did the thing. You can Kylego your day or a month or a year or your whole life or whatever interval you want to use.

This can be a powerful exercise for reprograming your body/subconscious to accept that good things have already happened. You use your imagination to pretened that everything you desire has already come to pass and it is all completely normal and believable.

Kyle explains in his many workshops that law of attraction often does not work because it is in present tense and you know it is all a fraud. Your nervous system knows you are faking it and lying.

By putting things into past tense with Kylegoing, it helps you to create a more believable feeling for your nervous system and this makes it more likely you will start to act in new ways to make your dreams come true.

I recently found the Absolutely Everything Pass and joined the FAcebook group and found out about Kylegoing from Kyle’s books.

It turns out have been Kylegoing all my life writing myself letters from the future and other exercises that are similar to Kylegoing! So I Kylegoed in the Facebook group and people enjoyed it. Here is my facebook Post:

Kylegoing my life exercise:

It is now the year 2080 and I have decided to have a Kylego-my-life party as I exit the planet at the age of 120.

I have had an amazing 60 years and I have done everything I want to do on this plane, so I am ready to move on now.

I am remembering back to the Kylego exercise I shared with all of you on Facebook so many years ago, 60 years to be exact.

I have invited you all to my funeral/celebration. Some of you are only around 70 or 80 years old while some of you are even older than I now am, you are 140 or 150, and some of you may already have exited this plane of existence and are only with me here in spirit, in this beautiful birch tree forest dappled with sunlight with the sound of the brook bubbling nearby.

I remember how I did the exercise and posted it joyfully with a sense of curiosity and play, back when I was living in Palo Alto CA.

Then I prepared for my long fast by eating a week of whole plant-based foods and another week of raw fruits and leafy greens. I wanted to do a reset like I do every year in the spring. But this time I wanted it to stick and it did!

I fasted on water for two or three or even four weeks, I can’t remember quite how long it was now. But it was glorious.

I had to work a little at my quant AirBNB job cleaning up after guests. And I worked on my freelance writing and photo editing a bit as I got clients.

But mostly I just laid around and rested with headphones on listening to the Absolutely Everything pass. That was and is such an amazing site.

At the time it only had a few thousand videos and activities on it. It’s hard to believe that a whole new world came out of that site with cities and off-planet space stations, etc.

Anyway, back to my story. I also listened to a lot of Eckhart Tolle, Rama at Ever New Joy, Lincoln Gergar and other spiritual folks I found on Batgap.com. and many cool audio books.

And I kept going with my meditation which I had been doing over the years. Hearing about Kyle and his experience really inspired me and some days I would do 2 or 3 or 4 hours a day. Sometimes I would get out for a stroll in nature. Or just sit in the sun.

I rested as much as possible and gave yoga and pilates a break. My body finally healed completely, and I really never had cravings for processed crap again and I just got healthier and more youthful and stronger as the years went by.

I really decided I wanted to stop being influenced by that kind of addictive food because it was created by people who were fear-based. They thought they had to create addictive crap to make money. I didn’t want to be putting fear-based foods in my body anymore.

I came out of my fast a new person physically, emotionally spiritually and energetically. I felt so vibrant and alive and ready to receive and give so much more. I really woke myself up!

My life really soared now unlike the first 60 years where I was so afraid and kept stopping myself.

I was able to get my short bus and convert it to solar, waste veggie oil and traveled all over the country going to conferences, visiting permaculture eco villages, and writing about my adventures.

I visited the Venus Project, Bioneers, The Urban Farm Guys in Kansas City and went to study with Geoff Lawton in Australia, went to Kyle Cease events and much more.

This was back when we still used money and I was able to figure out how to make lots of it to do everything I wanted to do in the world to make a new abundance-based economy.

I met so many amazing people while I was on the road and found my tribe. We began to build a new kind of world with sustainable tiny-house villages with a business transforming vans and buses into tiny houses as well as building our own packed earth structures.

We also had a fabrication lab, and a huge garden where we grew all our own food and made our own economy that was based on kindness and abundance, and modeled ourselves after the Gratola Green Corridor concept with some Venus Project thrown in along with Sailesh Rao and his Vegan World 2026 blended in.

We eventually built a necklace of self-sustaining eco villages and, solar powered bullet trains so people wouldn’t need to fly so much. We also built wind/solar/algae powered vacation ships so people could travel the world while they healed themselves and worked on projects with like-minded souls without ever having to rush around.

We were inspirational in turning back climate change and making the world clean and livable for everyone as well as making clean food and drinking water and all the info and fun available to all who wanted it.

The world became green again now that humans were no longer insane. And it happened fast because suddenly everyone woke up and wanted a way out of the old ways.

I got to finish all my projects over that long 60-year span, I published “Plangent Noise” my YA fairy-tail eco novel, which was instrumental in helping new thoughts come about.

I finished a memoir called “My life of Noisy Desperation”, I built my Merpig figurine business and did a ton of amazing art that inspired people to be themselves.

My wellness site Mind body Clarity and my creativity site Mindful Joyful both thrived and helped tons of people and I did a whole bunch of other cool stuff I don’t have time to list here.

Anyway I love you guys and I am so happy you are all here meditating with me in this peaceful forest outside in one of our beautiful villages that we all helped create.

The sun is warm on my old flesh. I only began slowing down a few weeks ago. Until then I was really active and slim and strong.

I’ve decided I am ready to transition to whatever comes next. The dappled light makes me smile. I look down and notice my body beginning to fade out. Hey guys! It’s happening I whisper and some of you see it too. I am beginning to dissolve into a being of light. No longer flesh, I smile as I wink out of physical form and dissolve into everything.

Anyhow right before that happens I am recounting everything that happened and how it all started when I kylegoed with you all way back on Facebook. Remember Facebook and how we used to meet up there?