Zoe age 3

Origin Story

Growing up was weird. I’m from the west coast, and was born in San Francisco. But my mom is a crazy hippy who dragged me all over the country as a kid. Summers were spent on puppetry tours with mom, traveling all over the US and halfway around the world.

Three Rivers, CA 1963

We lived near Sequoia National park, CA, in a rural area when I was little. Three Rivers, CA had a huge impact on me and I love being outdoors more than anything else.

Then we moved to New Orleans where Mom got to be one of the first white people to work with the Free Southern Theater. Meanwhile, I tried to navigate nursery school and first grade in the 1960s, in the south, as a mixed-race child. Growing up was truly weird.

Berkeley CA age 7 1967

Then it was Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley CA, Albuquerque NM, and finally Biddeford ME. before I left “home” for good.

We were stranded in Bangkok Thailand when I was ten years old, and had to walk to the US embassy because we didn’t even have cab fare.

Bangkok during the Vietnam war 1970

A toothless old man tried to buy me as a sex slave on the walk over to the US Embassy.

Not making this up! Like I said, Growing up was weird!

The US government loaned us the money to get home because the next puppet gig was at a school on the border of Vietnam, and it was bombed right before we were scheduled to perform there.

Me and mom with Punch And Judy I was 16, Biddeford ME

I escaped my crazy mom at the age of 17 the day after graduating from high school. I moved with a high school buddy to Burlington Vermont (without ever learning to ski) and worked and studied dance for 3 years before moving to Boston.

At the age of 21, I moved to Boston, MA, from Vermont to become a famous modern dancer and go to art school.

Modeling session in Boston, MA around 1984

I have a degree in illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.

Before college, I took 3 dance classes a day and worked as a medical assistant from 3 to 11 pm at a rehab hospital for a couple of years. Boy was I tired!

I didn’t become a famous modern dancer, as you may have surmised.

But I did get to perform in a Modern dance company in Boston and with several Latin dance teams in California and taught Salsa in dance clubs and studios.

Dance Studio San Jose, CA

I quickly got tired of being a starving artist so I branched out into fitness and massage.

I loved Boston and lived there for 9 years before I got tired of the weather and moved back to California for good.

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