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Silicon Valley Walmart Shopping During a Plandemic

I Went to Walmart on Sunday and got more organic soil. Found the perfect bins for compost.

The people who shop at Walmart didn’t seem to think there was a pandemic at all. Everyone was walking around like normal and not freaking out if they got too close together. They did mostly have masks on for show, but no one besides me even bothered to wear gloves.

They had a bit of a line outside of Walmart when I came back outside so they are sort of limiting the number of people in the store at a time.

Then I waited in line outside of trader Joe’s. At TJs they do have those big plastic walls between you and the check-out person now at the mountain view store. But other than that everything is pretty normal.

I think many people must know this is just a normal flu virus and not a pandemic. At least subconsciously they must know. The numbers are not right for a pandemic and this is not a very contagious virus at all. Cases of covid-19 have been identified here in CA from way back in December before the media got rolling with it.

 There are too many fishy things going on with counting every death as a covid death and the testing is all fake and weird. China has had only 4000 deaths from this “very contagious virus”. And Sweden hasn’t changed anything and they are not having a very big spike at all. There are too many discrepancies to count. Hospital workers laid off all over California, reputable medical personel youtubing feverishly and getting banned.

I didn’t expect a fake pandemic at all. This never occurred to me! It is such a clever scenario. It has been written in, as a total surprise.

At least here there is no gigantic disease being staged in most places. Too many important people live in Silicon Valley to experiment with 5 G or whatever they are doing in New York and Italy and a few other hot spots.

A staged pandemic really puts a twist into things. No one would have thought of this!

First you get everyone set up and trained to use the internet for working from home and ordering everything online so they can pretty much stay home except for delivery people and food production, maybe some basic infrastructure like gasoline delivery, etc. Poor people who are not able to work on the internet, meh, who cares about them?

They probably should have got the drone delivery set up before they staged this, but whatever, its close enough to perfect.

It’s ok having a few people out and about as long as everyone is scared of everyone else and not likely to come together in any way shape or form for years to come.

Now that people are afraid to give or get a deadly virus, every bit of communication can be monitored through electronic means.

No one is going to stand close together and just talk ever again. Control over what people say and do is total from now on. In rural Africa and Latin America there will still be some normal communication. But in the industrialized areas where it counts, there will not be any normal unmonitored communication ever again.

We all pictured the species ending in a real pandemic like Ebola, etc. with zombies and corpses everywhere.

There have never been any movies about the people in power staging a pandemic to get us to stay home and lose our jobs so they could put in a centralized government with a no-cash system.

Now everyone is afraid to use cash. So it will be easy to implement a central currency that they can totally control and dole out if we behave. If we don’t behave they will have huge centralized prisons where we will work and live as either prisoners or guards.

All food and goods will be owned by a few large companies. Monsanto, Nestle, Amazon, Google and their subsidiaries will own and control everything. We will all be monitored and tagged.

Cell phones are the start of a tagging and location system. We already carry a tracking system everywhere with us. But we will also be tagged with 5g receptors through the mandatory monthly vaccines for all the fake diseases.

We humans will become part of the “internet of things”. Everything will be tagged and monitored through the 5g system. We will be controlled like robots from a centralized location.

They will continue to grow lots of animal meat to keep everyone sick and fat to make big pharma and fast food companies rich. Just because that is the agenda and it must be played out endlessly. It doesn’t have to make sense as long as it is profitable to some insane elite board members.

They will rapidly kill off the remaining natural habitat. All wild animals and plants will be paved over or ground up and made into more stuff to buy and sell.

National parks will be torn down to build the prisons and Amazon warehouses. The world will be covered with cement and glass structures, AstroTurf, algae factories, and meat plants. There will be no real food, only artificial food-like substances.

And this will not happen through war or struggle but through all of us being obedient and docile and fearful.

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