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You can’t stop make things: writing, drawing, painting, designing, sculpting or whatever combination of projects you have going on. So you may as well find practical ways to make money doing things you enjoy without selling your soul.

Side jobs that don’t take up too much energy, so you have time to work on your business.​

Honest reviews of online and offline courses to start making money with your creations.

Creative ideas for freelancing online so you can be location-independent.​


Resources for marketing art, writing, and other creative projects. How to reproduce visual art on demand, licensing art and more…

Tech Stuff

Get your site built without spending a ton of money. Addvideo, audio, and build your social media pages, online stores and more.

Affiliate Ideas

Find ethical, high-quality products to market online that compliment your offerings while you build your brand.

Freelance Ideas

Learn how to market your freelance skills. Courses on writing, virtual assistant work, and design.

The Latest From the Blog


The Creative Dilemma

The story So… you keep making artsy stuff. It is just the way you are. It’s the creative dilemma. Listen to the podcast version You may not have planned to be all artsy. You may have even tried to stop because it would be so much easier to just be really good at bookkeeping or

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Freelance Independence

Should You Outsource Your Wedding Photo Editing?

It might sound like a strange concept at first to outsource such an important aspect of your photography business. But outsourcing can be a wonderful answer to your time issues if you find the right editor. It is also important that you have built a fairly strong sense of your style so you can give

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Creative Tech Skills

Is Writing White Papers for B2B Companies the Perfect Gig for You?

Are you a technically minded and detailed oriented researcher? Do you love to dig through facts and come up with engaging writing on otherwise dull subjects? It doesnt sound all that exciting but it could be your ticket to a flexible schedule doing something you actually like. I love long form content and I loved

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massage for artists
Side Gigs for Creative People

Massage Therapy as a side gig for Creative People

I stumbled upon massage therapy by accident when I was in my 30s. I had been teaching aerobics after burning out on freelancing as a commercial illustrator. I didn’t know it at the time but I was really burnt out on not knowing anything about marketing or running a business. Since I had a dance

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Marketing for Creative People

The 50 First Dates Method of Email Engagement

How do you gain the trust of your audience? Don’t scare them away with “stranger danger.” Make it clear in your subject line who you are. Identify your brand again in the first paragraph of your email,  and tell them why you are in their inbox. Even if they signed up for your offer 5

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photo editing freelancer
Freelance Independence

An Honest Review Of the Photo Editor’s Guide by Katie Rivera

I heard an interview with Katie Rivera on her boutique photo editing business and her soon-to-launch course: The Photo Editor’s Guide, on the RV Entrepreneur Podcast with Heath and Alissa. I love what Heath and Alyssa are doing and trust their resources. The Photo Editor’s Guide sounded fun and interesting. But I felt a little

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Marketing for Creative People

7 Steps to Choosing Your Niche and Audience

Contents Where are your natural interests and tendencies pointing? What are your natural Talents? Make sure your topic isn’t too broad or too narrow. Look at what the market wants not only what you think they need Make sure your topic is not so narrow that you can’t write about it for several years Choosing

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