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Empowerment Meditation: Create a Million Dollars

Empowerment meditations can be useful to learn to condition your mind to believe in new outcomes. Automatic expectations rule our lives a lot of the time. Money isn’t necessarily the answer but it is the currency we are using at the moment so let’s play with it.

Auto-program is a good thing when you’re driving the car or taking a shower or doing one of the millions of repetitive activities we need to do every day. Programming saves us time and energy. We learn something once, and then we get good at it.

But if you are good at expecting to be broke, it’s time to learn some new programming.

Most people have programming about money, and it can be tied up with negative emotions that get in your way of earning what you know you are worth and doing as well as you now you can do.

Empowerment meditation: reprogramming your mind for wealth building

Imagine someone left you two million dollars or whatever sum you can imagine you could use and deem necessary for seed money for your future goals. Perhaps you win the lottery or make a smart investment.

A mentor gives it to you, or you sell an invention or an app you have come up with. Whatever seems the most believable and plausible to you.

How would you feel in your body when the money cleared in your account?

Sitting with your eyes closed take a few minutes to follow your breath and relax. Then begin to visualize your fantasy fully, feeling exactly how wonderful it would feel to know you could finally complete your projects rapidly.

Feel how relaxed your body feels knowing that you can rest as much as you need to. You can afford the best foods, supplements, and healings you need.

Imagine exactly how it would feel to find out you had access to all this wealth!

You deposit the money into your account, and you now look at your account, and there it is — all that money. Maybe your heart is pounding at first, but then you feel light and relaxed.

Maybe you have to set up a new savings account and investment account to distribute your funds.

At first, you might not believe it was real, but once the check was in the bank and had cleared what would you do?

Try to make your fantasy as real as possible. Who would you turn to for help in placing the money in the right investments? Would you trust yourself to know how to treat such a large sum?

You would need to figure out precisely the best way to invest so you would not lose too much to taxes. Maybe you would invest in real estate first or start a company you always wanted to start.

Visualize the sheer joy you feel in planning your actions, alliances, education, and purchases. Do this as many days as you like or make it a permanent part of your daily meditation taking 5 or ten minutes to renew it if you like.

Then write it down in all its glory or draw it or paint it or express it outwardly however you can. Write it as a fiction piece if you want or do a comic book or an animation. Whatever way you can express it.

Then figure out how to do whatever actions you can. Go look at the cost of a house or land. Look at the price and times of the trips or classes you want to take.

It may take longer than in your fantasy at first,  but you can begin to contact the people you want on your team and do the work that needs to be done. Find ways to do parts of your dream without the money for now.

Getting into action shows your subconscious mind you mean business, and you are expecting answers and results.

My credit union accidentally put 50 thousand in my account in real life!

You will be surprised at the subtle shift you will begin to see in your life.

Small miraculous synchronistic events will start to happen.

The first time I began playing with visualizing what I wanted my credit union put an extra 50 thousand dollars in my account.

I laughed knowing that this was a sign.

I tried to see if I could transfer funds or do anything with the money just for the fun of it. The account was frozen.

Of course, I knew it was a mistake, but I took a screenshot of the account to remind me of what was possible.

When I called the credit union they said “Oh yes Ms. Zuniga. I see that you recently deposited 50 thousand dollars into your account.”

I admitted that I had not, and it must have been a mistake because the account seemed to be frozen. The bank took care of the matter at once, and my account was back to its normal state of only a few hundred dollars.

Boost Your Belief Changing Powers

Bob Proctor has an inspiring program that can help you learn to make your fantasy a reality. He is 80 years old now but is still as vibrant as ever.

What would you do first?

Here is my fantasy to  get your brain juices flowing:

At first, I am in shock, but once I know it is real, I look into investing so that I can live on the interest while I set up my foundation, make the contacts I need for my projects and find the land.

Who would you help first?

I send off anonymous special deliveries of checks through singing delivery people to my friends and family members.

After I get my money safely put away in the right places, I call work and give my two weeks’ notice. I call the sub list and pay people in advance to cover the last two weeks of my job telling them I got a really big break, and I need to start my new job immediately.

Would you tell people right away that you had a few millions of dollars, or keep it a secret?

I am not going to tell anyone about my windfall but grow into the money gradually so I can see how this works and make sure I don’t get overwhelmed.

Self-healing comes first

Do you have health issues you need to clear up before you can take on the world?

After  I manifest my millions, I start by healing myself. I rest and sunbathe for a couple of weeks and go to a nutrition retreat with yoga and meditation to charge up my body.

Then I buy myself a colossal Wacom tablet and a new high-end Mac. I get some new animation software. I sign up for all the courses I have on my list to take next summer and fall and pre-pay:

I sign up for Geoff Lawton’s permaculture course in Australia, 3D modeling, etc. and devote lots of time sculpting and art and finish a couple of lines of printable products I can sell to grow my legacy.

I hire a marketing/SEO person and a programmer to help me sell my stuff online.

Then I sign up for conferences with positive mentors and make new contacts with successful people so it will rub off and I will grow my legacy. I get first class plane tickets for those or maybe I decide to schedule in going by train or ship so I can work and relax while I travel.

Then comes grounding and home

Would you buy a house right away? Would you travel for a while first to decide where to settle?

In my fantasy, I get myself a tiny-house and an art studio with room for Pilates equipment so I can stay fit.

I get a skoolie short bus all tripped out with solar and kitchen and work space and everything cute, and start traveling around in my new veggie oil art mobile, looking for the right vegan community, or maybe I start one.

Then comes planning

As my money grows, I begin to look for land close to cities but out far enough to build an off-grid ecovillage from scratch. I look into Earthships, Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, and Cal Earth. I visit Venus Project to see how this is all done.

I get several investors to go in with me, and we build a cob-cottage village sanctuary for creative people and animals. That is the second in my necklace of permaculture vegan creative villages.

Then comes building and enlarging

We build green design businesses and grow organic food and teach others how to live off-grid and high tech at the same time. I draw people to permaculture by bringing speakers and having conferences with self-empowerment speakers, and workshops.

I never need to have my own car again, but we have several veggie oil vehicles for hauling and for road trips where we speak and help people plant fruit trees and gardens.

Then comes reinvesting and duplication of goodness

Every five years we reinvest some of the earnings and buy another piece of land and begin another plant-based eco-village to support creative people who want to grow food and work off the grid and be wealthy and high-tech and green at the same time.

Pretty soon there are thousands of people living this way having their own lands within the communities and sharing resources.

Programming a good death to top it all off!

By the time I am 120 years old, (still wiry and thin and fit and happy and hearty and healthy because I have been able to afford stem cell repair and wholesome food and supplements) I have helped build a necklace of urban and rural communities that now dot the planet.

The idea of sustainable-abundance-permaculture has finally caught hold and become mainstream.

The world is a totally different place where everyone has fresh air and water and locally grown delicious food. Cities are transformed into clean, livable places with off-grid green and free energy.

Everyone who wants it has cradle to grave security and love, and no one is forgotten or homeless.

I eventually die at the age of 150 or so, very happy and at peace in a state of full enlightenment, surrounded by my friends in a beautiful birchwood forest by a bubbling brook.

Making your fantasy a reality

Take action to change your mindset and get things rolling:

I Will Teach You to Be Rich with Ramit Sethi

Get Results that Stick: talks with Bob Proctor

Check out Jen Sincero’s book: You Are a Badass at Making Money

Get T. Harv Eker’s book The Millionaire Mindset

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