Should You Outsource Your Wedding Photo Editing?

It might sound like a strange concept at first. How can you outsource such an important aspect of your photography business?

But outsourcing can be the answer to your time issues if you find the right editor.

It’s important to have a strong sense of your editing style so you can give clear directions about what you want.

Reasons to outsource your photo editing

Once you have established your editing style a private photo editor can learn exactly what you want and help build consistency for your brand.

By supplying your editor with a few key anchor images that you have edited you can help reinforce the quality of your edits.

Anchor images are images you create in lightroom classic for any drastic scene change or lighting changes in your wedding catalogs. An editor needs a few anchor images for each wedding shoot so they can match your style.

Outsourcing your editing can free up your time to book more weddings per season. Or you can spend more time with your family.

Outsourcing can give you the freedom to branch out.

You could offer photography workshops, or market your own line of presets. Or maybe you have other business projects you would enjoy more than being stuck at your computer editing photos. Getting your own private photo editor might be more lucrative. It might even allow you to find more enjoyable ways to spend your time.

Can you afford to outsource?

If you budget ahead of time and increase your fees slightly it can be surprisingly easy to cover your editing fees.

Outsourcing your basic lightroom edits costs between .22 and .32 cents per photo. At an average of 1000 shots per wedding, it would cost you an average of $250 per wedding.

Add in culling at the cost of another .05 to .10 cents per image and would need to add another $50 to $100 to your budget.

So you do need to budget this into your pricing packages for customers. Or you could add one or two weddings to your season. A small increase in price could free up many hours of your time.

How to choose a photo editor

It is important to find someone who has an organized workflow. They should have a system for getting your valuable feedback so they can build consistency with your brand.

A private photo editor will take the time to learn your style so once you “break them in”. Having an editor can make your wedding season a lot less stressful.

The best time to hire a new photo editor is during your off=-season when you can slowly get to know the workflow and give feedback while you have time.

Do you need to choose someone who’s portfolio matches your editing style exactly?

Every photographer is different. Instead of worrying about finding someone who edits in your exact style, find someone who’s samples and style resonates with you even if their style isn’t exactly the same as yours.

For instance, the samples on editors’ sites are usually varied. They have samples from many different photographers, but they will usually be within a similar style.

An editor that is comfortable editing “clean and classic”, or “dark and moody “or “bright or bold” styles probably not be a good editor for you if your style is light and airy.

In conclusion

Photo editing is a crucial part of your business. It can take a while to get used to the idea of outsourcing your photo-editing. But you can build your consistency and reputation when happy customers receive their photos Quickly.

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